Irute M. C.

Irute M.C. wanted to take her brand to the next level and transform her business into a reality, achieving a personal logo with us. It was time for her visual identity to reflect the beautifully drawn drawings represented on cups, postcards. Working with the brand, we decided to go with a signature logotype that would reflect a softer, more personal look. 

Visual identity | Logo design


Irute M.C. outdoor shop sign




Irute M.C. drawings hanging in the living room
Irute M.C. logo on sketcbook cover with black and yellow colour

For Irute M.C., we set out to give the brand a more personal and friendly feel. The new full logo version has additional words and numbers that describe the location where the creative is based and the date when the business was started.

Hand holding branded Irute M.C. cup with the yellow flower in it
Irute M.C. black letter mockup with full logo
Irute M.C. letter presentation with full logo
Irute M.C. gold stamd on the letter
Irute M.C.colourful drawing hanging on the wall in the living room