2Buo restaurant is on a mission to transform its social media. It was time for their Instagram account to reflect the rest of their brand by creating a social media page where the consumer could easily interact, participate in various competitions and be awarded.


Social Media Management | Photography |

Videography | Graphic Design


2020- to current

2Buo Instagram presentation




2Buo food photo, human holding restauran dish
2Buo buddha bowl
2Buo food photo on Vespa

The new image on social media helps 2Buo restaurant to attract more customers, they can communicate and educate them every day. A two colours green and yellow allows the brand to tell more about what and how they do.

2Buo all social media posts created by Twentynine Studio
2Buo promo photography in their outside eating area with two models looking at each other
2Buo mask specially created for the 2020 pandemic
2Buo food takeaway green box design
2Buo brand identity colour scheme
2Buo waitress holding one of their dishes
2Buo food takeaway packagin - white paper bag
2Buo social media management showcased on iphone mokcup