Hot Tub & Sauna Manufacturer

Ten Spa

Ten Wood, Ten Plastic and Ten Steel companies have now fused into one and got called – Ten Spa they are on a mission to transform their business to the next level that’s why they needed new visual identity. Led by innovation, strong ambitions and consistency Ten Spa aspires to become the leading brand of a perfect outdoor experience manufacturer and seller.


Visual Identity | Logo Design | Business Cards



Ten Spa logo presentation in sauna




Ten Spa business cards design mockup on a tree
Ten Spa Logo Stamp

A robust visual identity system was developed, to match the 4 different companies under one umbrella that would communicate the brand positioning coherently through advertising, print, or digital. Ten Spa icon consists of Ten Wood, Ten Plastic and Ten Steel icon elements so that each of them would be easy to remember, clean and strong.

Logo set for Ten Spa, Ten Steel, Ten Plastic, Ten Wood
Ten Spa logo on the towel and its label
Minimal t-shirt mockup for Ten Spa, Ten Wood, Ten Steel, Ten Plastic
Ten Spa icon is made out of other three sub-brands
Ten Spa Truck showcasing all brands together