Simon Sinek Golden Circle rule

Your Why is the Power

If you want to accomplish your objectives and not give up halfway, there is one essential thing that must stick with you it‘s your motivation. We will look at The Golden Circle that is a little idea for those who wish to feel inspired and for those who wish to inspire others.

First let‘s clarify that WHY isn’t just a word, it’s apowerful concept. And Simon Sinek demonstrates it in his book “Start with Why“. He argues that organizations guided by this concept will succeed more often than those which don’t. We usually know how and what we do. But in order to succeed we have to know WHY. Author argues:

People don’t buy what you do;

they buy why you do it

Simon Sinek

Unfortunately, most companies are focused on selling the benefits of their products. But in reality, what motivates people the most is your mission and vision, your WHY of what you’re hoping to achieve with your business.

Most leaders know WHAT their organisation does, some know HOW, but very few know WHY

Simon Sinek

So, now instead of asking:

  • WHAT do we know how to do?
  • HOW do we make money from doing that?
  • WHY isn’t it working?

Let’s understand:

  • WHAT we do.
  • HOW we do it.
  • WHY we do it.

Your WHY matters because it helps you stay focused. When you know your purpose, it becomes easier to focus on what matters the most in your life. This means when a problem arises you can easily focus on a particular goal, you can find your direction and stay away from distractions.

Your why is the passion, the energy, the fuel that makes you want to achieve more. It is the most important part that makes you want to wake up early, that inspires you to inspire others.

So, what is yours why?

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